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How to Sell Your Parkrose Home Faster and for More!

Do's and Dont's for Selling a Parkrose House

Do's and Dont's for Selling a Parkrose House

Selling a house in the Parkrose area

ain’t what it used to be! The average sale price of a house in the Parkrose area is inching up. That’s great news for people who’ve owned their homes a long time and have equity. However, the market being this “hot” brings other challenges. The person wanting to pay $450,000 for a house purchased for $150,000 20 years ago likely has different expectations for the house than the current owner had. Today’s buyers with big budgets typically desire a home with no major repair or safety issues, trendy cosmetic features, and functional space. I help home sellers in Parkrose meet these challenges!

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Repairs and Safety

Some houses have issues sellers don’t know about that negatively affect value. For example, did you know that because most of this area didn’t become part of the City of Portland until the 1980s many houses have abandoned cesspools? I’m including Argay Terrace, Russell, Maywood Park, Sumner, Parkrose Heights, and Woodland Park as the Parkrose area. Some properties even have an abandoned oil tank or a basement space that isn’t up to the current code for a living space. I wrote about “The 5 Most Undetected Problems in Parkrose Homes” on this site.

These days, Realtors include unfinished basement space as square footage in the listing, so it’s important to communicate accurately about those spaces so buyers aren’t disappointed when they show up. Many construction standards and codes have changed since the 1940s-1970s when the Parkrose area developed, so have your Realtor inform you about what might concern a potential buyer.

Updates and Function

Even though they’re paying a high price, today’s buyers don’t often have a budget for renovations, and they might also plan to use a home differently than older generations. Many people now share space (multigenerational or roommates), work from home, and have fewer children than prior generations on average. The Parkrose area has so many houses under 1,000 SqFt and also over 2,500 SqFt, but the reasons these various house sizes might appeal to someone are different today than when the houses were originally built. A giant house could seem like a selling feature, but an out of date house with that much square footage could be overwhelmingly expensive to update! On the other hand, vintage midcentury features are definitely a current trend, so don’t be too hasty in ripping out that blue bathroom sink. I help my sellers present their homes in line with current trends whether that’s choosing affordable upgrades before listing or rearranging a room to match how the next owner would be likely to use it.

Prepare to Sell Your House

If you’re thinking about listing your home, be sure to download my guide above and subscribe to my Parkrose area market update. I’m happy to come over and give you a sense of your home’s value range and some direction about what updates and projects you might try to accomplish before listing your house. Call or email me, and I’ll get to work!

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