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Community Policing w/ Eric Zajac | Parkrose Life Podcast #14

Eric Zajac Police Portland Community Policing Interview Parkrose

Eric Zajac Police Portland Community Policing Interview Parkrose

I met Officer Eric Zajac sipping coffee at the Rossi Farms barn. I expected police might be a bit guarded in this season of being heavily criticized yet undersupported to meet our community’s high expectations. Eric struck me as open and down to earth, so it was an honor to interview him.

He shares about growing up in a nomadic military family, studying at New Mexico State, Portland intriguing him because of its community policing model, what it’s like policing Portland in this era of distrust and increased homelessness, how these trends have affected him personally, and what it’s like working in the Parkrose area specifically.

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In the episode outro, I reference a clash between the Proud Boys and Antifa that happened in August 2021. You can read these articles to remember “yes, that actually did happen.” It was scary and upsetting, and it could have gone even worse.

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