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Buying a Home in Parkrose

Are you hoping to buy a house in the Parkrose area of Portland? I would love to be your real estate agent, and now’s the time to get prepared!

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If you are ready to talk about buying a house, call me at 503-347-8890 or e-mail me at is full of information useful to you as you consider buying a home in the Parkrose area which includes the neighborhoods of Parkrose Heights, Argay Terrace, Russell, Sumner, Woodland Park, and the City of Maywood Park. Check out the neighborhood tabs (like this one for Argay) to read more about each area, and check out the stories, resources, and parks tabs to discover more in Parkrose!

One of the first questions I’ll typically ask you is whether you’ve looked into getting a mortgage or talked with a mortgage lender. If you haven’t, I would be happy to recommend a mortgage lender who fits you and your goals. This is a great place to start after talking with me as a Realtor because many people are surprised for better or worse about their full financial picture from a lender’s perspective and how that affects the amount they can borrow. Some people assume they need a higher credit score than they do or that they need to have a down payment that will be 20% of the purchase price. Many loan programs are available that require between 0% and 5% down as a minimum. A lender will also be able to offer you advice and the next steps to take if they aren’t able to approve you for a loan so that you can be approved sooner than later.

Once we’ve talked on the phone or e-mailed, we can get together at my office or sit down for coffee before we start the house hunt in earnest. I’m happy to hear about what your wants and needs are and answer your questions about the home-buying process. Spending this time together early on can make the whole process go smoothly because I will understand your priorities, needs, and motivations, and you will have an accurate expectation for your transaction and how the real estate market is trending.

Another great way to get in the mode of house shopping is going to open houses, and I keep an updated list of all the open houses scheduled in the Parkrose area. Note that open houses are typically scheduled late in the week for the upcoming weekend, so you’ll see more listed on that page on Fridays than you will on Mondays. Real estate agents holding open houses are looking to attract new clients. It’s one of the ways I like to meet people too actually. If you do explore some open houses in the area, you’ll meet a different Realtor at each home, and I hope you’ll consider contacting me too if you don’t happen to wander into one of mine!

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